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Online Information and Database Management

Here at GJ Internet Solutions we are Information and Database Management Specialists local to Ottawa and Cornwall. Whether it be collecting and managing client information, processing product orders, manipulating statistics or managing your social event invitation/attendance list, we can streamline and automate the process through your website. We make use of MySQL and PHP to create both front end and back end website interfaces so your clients can have all the tools necessary to manage information while you have an expanded interface to allow customized management of the information and databases.

We cover the complete project lifecycle, from the task definition, website architecture design, to development, testing and implementation. We readily provide ongoing support and maintenance necessary to ensure that our clients remain satisfied with our services well after the product is up and running.

Each and every job we do is fully customized to the specific requirements of our clients; for this reason all quotations are specific to the requested job.
Clients desiring smaller websites may wish to take advantage of our static solutions; however, clients desiring larger or complex sites should contact us to obtain a customized quotation.

Examples Of Functionality

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing

Full Automation

The "Automated Client Order Request Notification System" [ACORNS] was developed for the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing. This automated web based system automatically reads incoming client email orders and identifies what imagery data is required by the client. The data is then automatically FTPed from the local data storage location to the client. Notification emails and online status screens are updated throughout the process.

Calian Technologies Ltd.

User Manipulated Databases

An online Payroll system was created for Calian Technologies Ltd. for their GSS contract. All employees login and input the amount of time worked on specific projects. Various reports such as: project time allocation, employee timesheets, employee vacation balances and much more, can be generated by accessing the system as an administrative user.

Project Life-Cycle

Step 1

Tell us about your vision

Through our discussions we will outline not only what you would like your site to look like but also what you would like your site to do for you... collect data, process orders, etc.
Step 2

Site architecture & design concept presentation

We will present a plan for the site architecture and design for your review and input.
Step 3

Development Stage

Following the plan, we will begin the project construction. Depending on the scale of the project, periodic review opportunities may be made available to ensure your vision is incorporated in the development.
Step 4

Testing Stage

Upon development completion, the project will go through extensive testing. Prior to delivery we will do our in-house testing.
Step 5


The completed project is delivered for your review and testing.
Step 6


Once all final revisions from your review are completed, the project comes to completion and your site launches.

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