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Web Design vs Web Development

Website Varieties

Generally speaking there are 2 categories of websites:

  • Informational (Static - All changes made manually by the site owner or web designer)
  • Functional (Dynamic - Changes can be made automatically "on the fly". Some content added by web site visitors.).

A typical informational web site provides basic information on the company such as:

These sites are created by a web designer...
  • Company Profile
  • Contact Info
  • Product Info
  • etc.

A typical functional web site on the other hand is more interactive. Some examples of functional web sites are:

These sites are created by a web developer...
  • Online Stores
  • Dating Sites
  • Data Collection
  • Membership Management
  • Online Ordering
  • etc.


  • If you only require an Informational website to showcase your business, we recommend a custom WordPress website, which will allow you to make updates at any time; even if you have little or no programming knowledge. Of course we can do the updates for you if you desire. Whether you choose to make the ongoing updates yourself or choose to have us maintain the site, our web design team can setup the site for you.
  • If you require input from viewers or need to manipulate data in any way, a Functional web site will be your best choice; so, we recommend one of our web development solutions.

Design Choices

What type of website will best serve your business and the clientelle of Ottawa and Cornwall?

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